Ph.D. student Chang-Jing Ji from CEEP-BIT went to Wageningen University for a joint-training program

Author:ceep    Source:ceep    Date:2021-08-30 Views:

   Chang-Jing Ji, a Ph.D. candidate of CEEP-BIT, went to the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in April 2021 to carry out a one-year doctoral joint training with the support of China Scholarship Council. Her supervisor in WUR, Dr. Edwin van der Werf is an associate Professor at the Section Economics, Wageningen University, as well as a research fellow at CESifo, Munich, Germany. Dr. Edwin van der Werf focuses on the economics of climate change, environmental and resource economics, especially interested in the economics of climate change mitigation policy, notably the design of policy instruments to reduce emissions.

   Chang-Jing Ji is currently working on the design, evaluation and modeling of the emission reduction policies. During the visit, she will cooperate with her supervisors to conduct research on the evaluation of carbon pricing policies, the design of carbon trading mechanisms, and the development of carbon trading analysis models. Carbon pricing is a cost-effective instrument to reduce carbon emissions.  By 2020, 45 countries have implemented or attempt to implement carbon pricing, it covers 12Gt CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gases, representing 22% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, China adopts carbon trading to promote emission reductions. Since 2013, seven pilots have been operated, and national carbon market officially launched online trading on July 16. The construction of national carbon market still has a long way to go. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate and analyze the existing carbon pricing mechanism and provide practical guidance for further improving national carbon market, so that national carbon market can better serve the “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality”.

   During her visiting study, Chang-Jing Ji attended the weekly academic lectures organized by the Section Economics, which help her learn the research paradigm of economics, broaden her research horizons, and expand her research ideas. In addition, Chang-Jing Ji also actively participates in the academic activities of research group, Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group (ENR). She has reported twice in the group meeting, and fully communicated with teachers and students of the research group.