A Notice on Post-Doctor Recruitment

Author:ceep    Source:ceep    Date:2014-07-17

 A Notice on Post-Doctor Recruitment of School of Management and Economics, BIT


The School of Management and Economics, BIT invites 2-4 doctor graduates to join in post-doctoral research work due to the needs of National Major Scientific Research Projects, Discipline Constructions and Faculty Development

Application Qualifications:
    1. Candidates must hold a PHD from ‘Project 211’ universities domestic or abroad at the deadline for the submission of applications; post doctoral researchers from out of other post-doctorial stations are also welcome. 
    2. Candidates are required to provide evidence of quality research activities in the following research fields, consistent with the research group which candidates want to join. (The discipline of Management Science and Engineering on the modeling of socio-economic complex system, resources and environmental policy research; the discipline of Business Management on the areas of marketing, human resource and structure management, technical economy and management, and accounting).

Salary Endowment
    Gross monthly salary will be paid according to the allowance guaranteed by the university and national regulations, however, which may be updated based on the actual amount of work undertaken.

Application Materials:
    1. Personal Resume;
    2. A copy of PhD degree certificate;

Contact Us:
Contact: Professor Zhaohua Wang
E-mail: bitsme2010@163.com
Phone: 010-68918213
Address: No.5 Zhongguancun South Rd, Haidian District, Beijing.  http://sme.bit.edu.cn