Prof. Xiang Zhang

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Prof. Xiang Zhang received his Ph.D. Degree in Operations Management from the School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2007. His research interests include behavioral operations management, logistics and supply chain management, new energy vehicle operations optimization. He has published 5 books and more than 40 academic articles, including those appeared in ISI listed international journals and key Chinese academic journals. He received National Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award Honorable Mention in 2009, Beijing Excellent Talent in 2011, New Century Excellent Talents in University by the Ministry of Education in 2012, and University’s Excellent Teacher in both 2011 and 2013.

Full Professor of Operations Management, July 2013 ~ present.
Associate Professor of Operations Management, July 2009 ~ June 2013.
Lecturer, July 2007 ~ June 2009. 


Behavioral Operations Management
Logistics and supply Chain Management
New Energy Vehicle Operations Optimization


Peer reviewer for Natural Science Foundation of China, 2009 – present.
Director, Industrial Engineering Committee of Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economical Mathematics 2010 – present. Reviewer for OmegaEJORTourism ManagementInternational Journal of Production EconomicsInternational Journal of Production ResearchInternational Journal of Operations and Production ManagementService Science etc.
Conference organizing committee member, The 12th National Conference on Information Management and Industrial Engineering, Beijing, 2008; The national conference on science and technology management, Beijing, 2009; Session Chair, IEEE Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Singapore, 2009.

Selected Journal articles

[1]  Zhang, X. Reference-dependent Electric Vehicle Production Strategy Considering Subsidies and Consumer Trade-offs. Energy Policy, 2014, 67, 422-430. (SCI )
[2]   Zhang, X., Chen, R.Q. Asymmetric effects, regulatory focus, and attribute performance—— Mixed experimental evidence in airline overbooking recovery. International Journal of Production Economics, 2013, 142(1), 27-36. (SCI/SSCI).
[3]   Li, G., Zhang, X., Ma, S.H., and Wang, Z.H. Ordering optimization and coordination in supply chain assembly  system under uncertain delivery conditions. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (in Chinese), 2012, 18(2), 369-380.
[4]   Zhang, X., Ye, C. Chen, R.Q, and Wang, Z.H. Multi-focused strategy in value co-creation with customers: Examining cumulative development pattern with new capabilities. International Journal of Production Economics, 2011, July, 132(1): 122-130. (SCI/SSCI)
[5]   Wang, Z., Zhang, B., Yin, J., and Zhang, X. Willingness and behavior towards e-waste recycling for residents in Beijing city, China. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2011, 19(9-10): 977-984. (SCI/SSCI)
[6]   Li, G., Zhang, X., Wang, Z., and Gao, T. Coordination performance evaluation of supply logistics in JIT environment. International Journal of Advanced Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, 2011, 3(1): 16-28, January-March.
[7]   Li, G., Zhang, X., Ma, S.H. Supply coordination model of two-suppliers and one-manufacturer system based on different delivery policies. Chinese Journal of Management Science (in Chinese), 2010, 18(5): 66-75. (An elite journal evaluated by the Natural Science Foundation of China)
[8]   Zhang, X., Chen, R.Q. New source of competitive advantage: Co-creation value with customers. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management in Chinese with English abstract, 2009, 23(4): 14-19. (An elite journal evaluated by the Natural Science Foundation of China)
[9]   Zhang,X., Chen, R.Q. Examining the Mechanism of the Value Co-creation with Customers. International Journal of Production Economics2008, 116(2):242-250.SCI
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[12] Zhang,X., Chen, R.Q. Forecast-driven or customer-order-driven? An empirical analysis of the Chinese automotive industry. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 2006, 26(6): 668-688. SSCI

Selected research programs

[1] Principal Investigator, Influence of regulatory focus on bounded rationality in new energy vehicle ordering decisions, sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation of China (grant no. 71372018), 2014.01~2017.12
[2] Principal Investigator, Impacts of customer bounded rationality behavior in revenue management, sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation of China (grant no. 70972005), 2010.01~2012.12.
[3] Principal Investigator, Regulatory fit-based choice behavior in the new energy vehicle market, sponsored by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, the Ministry of Education, P.R.China (Grant no. NCET-12-0041), 2013.01~2015.12.
[4] Principal Investigator, Bounded rationality in new energy vehicle choice behavior, sponsored by Beijing Excellent Talent Development Foundation (no.2011D009011000007), 2012.01~2013.12.
[5] Principal Investigator, Passenger decision making behavior in airline overbooking, sponsored by the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Funds for Young Scholars, the Ministry of Education (grant no. 08JC630007), 2009.01~2011.12.
[6] Principal Investigator, System responsiveness of order fulfillment process in build-to-order production, sponsored by the Excellent Young Scholars Research Fund of Beijing Institute of Technology (no.2007Y0819), 2007.12~2009.12.
[7] Principal InvestigatorOptimization on the location, vehicle routing, collection, and assortment of municipal solid wastes. Sponsored by Haidian Environmental Sanitation Engineering Institute (no. 20132141016), 2013.01~2013.12
[8] Principal Supervisor, Decision support system of the recycling of the automobile parts, sponsored by the National Innovative and Experimental Research for Undergraduate Students, 2009.11~2010.06.