A.Prof. Xiaowei Ma

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  Dr.Xiaowei Ma received her PhD degree in Science from Beijing Normal University in 2003. She is presiding over several projects including those granted by Beijing Normal Science Foundation and the Ministry of Science&Technology of China. And Up to now, she has published more than 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals.


No. 5, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing
Postal code:100081
Tel: 010-68918551 (O) Fax: 010-68918651

Academic papers published in journals since 2007(Part)

[1] Xiao-Wei Ma. China spatial-temporal pattern of population and energy [J] . Int. J. Global Energy Issues,2009. Vol.31,No.1,pp.1-9
[2] Weiming Li, Xiaowei Ma*, Yunbing Hou. Study on relationship between economic growth and coal consumption in China: a perspective of business cycle [J] Journal of Information and Decision Science,2009. Vol.4,No.3,pp.265-277
[3] Weiming Li, Xiaowei Ma*, Yunbing Hou, Fu Zhao. On the relationship between coal consumption and output in China. 2009 International Symposium on Sustainable Development of City Group, Dec. 05-07, 2009, Changsha, China
[4] Xiao-wei Ma. “An Empirical Study on the evolvement of energy consumption structure in China”,The 4th Japan-China Joint Seminar, Dec. 20-21, 2008, Kyoto, Japan
[5] Xiao-Wei Ma. The regional analysis of energy consumption and energy resources in China [J] . Int. J. Global Energy Issues, 2007.Vol.27,No.4, pp.379-394 EI

Involved in writing books
[1] Involved in the preparation of Science & Technology on Bio-hylic and Biomass Resources in China: A Roadmap to 2050》,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing: Science Press Beijing and Springer, 2009
[2] Involved in the preparation of the born in China to 2050 material resources, technology development road map, the field of Chinese Academy of biomass resources Research Group, Beijing: Science Press,2009
[3] Involved in the preparation of the China Energy Report 2008: carbon emissions, Yi-Ming Wei, eds, Beijing: Science Press, 2008
[4] Involved in the preparation of the Chinese oil and gas industry upstream policy research report, Yi-Ming Wei, eds. Beijing: Science Press, 2006
[5] Involved in the preparation of the China Energy Report 2006: Strategy and Policy Research, Yi-Ming Wei, eds. Beijing: Science Press, 2006

Research Fields

Resource and Environmental Management, Energy and Environmental Policy