Professor Wei Yiming and members of CEEP went to Big Air Shougang to carry out theBeijing Winter Olympics carbon neutralization survey

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   On July 8, 2021, Professor Wei Yiming, director of Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research, led the center members to investigate Big Air Shougang, and inspected Big Air Shougang and surrounding industrial structures to understand the event supporting service functions and low-carbon planning during the Winter Olympics. In addition, they held a discussion with relevant persons including Zhou Xisong, deputy head of the Shijingshan District People’s Government and venue director, Zhao Wei, venue secretary-general. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on key issues such as the sustainability of events in the venues, the collection and accounting of carbon emissions data, and the formulation of a full-process carbon neutrality plan. They exchanged opinions and put forward suggestions on further promoting the post-match sustainable development of Big Air Shougang. Liu Yuan, secretary of the Youth League Committee of Beijing Institute of Technology, and Ma Xiaoning, deputy director of the Student Affairs Center and Big Air Shougang Volunteer Manager, accompanied the investigation.

   Big Air Shougang is located in the north area of Shougang Old Industrial Park. It is the first competition venue in the history of the Winter Olympics that directly integrates the reuse of industrial heritage, and it is also one of the new venues in the Beijing competition area. Big Air Shougang consists of three parts: the track, the referee tower and the grandstand area. The track is 164 meters long, 34 meters wide at its widest point and 60 meters high at its highest point. After the athletes slide off the big platform, they will complete some movements such as somersaults and turns. Big Air Shougang fully considers the use value of Shougang's industrial remains. After the Beijing Winter Olympics, Big Air Shougang will become the world's first permanently reserved and used ski jump venue.