An academic journal ‘Energy and Climate Change’ co-edited by Professor Wei Yiming now officially published

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The first issue of Energy and Climate Change, co-edited by Professor Wei Yiming of Beijing University of technology and Professor Leon Clarke of the University of Maryland and published by Elsevier publishing house, has been online in December 2020 and can be viewed and downloaded free of charge before June 1, 2021.

Energy and its closely related climate change issues have become the focus of global political, academic, business, and public attention. Energy development and utilization are one of the main causes of environmental pollution and climate change. It is an urgent problem for all countries to correctly handle energy development and utilization, environmental protection, and climate change. The cross fields of energy and climate change cover a wide range, including economic and social development and culture, science and technology, environmental development, and so on. Although many journals specialize in energy technology and systems, climate change, and solutions, there is a lack of interdisciplinary journals dedicated to identifying practical energy system solutions to address the challenges of climate change. After more than two years of active exploration, discussion, and final implementation with Elsevier publishing house, Energy and Climate Change, released in November 2019, is dedicated to publishing innovative and systematic interdisciplinary research in the multidisciplinary field of energy and climate change. It aims to provide an exchange platform covering research fields from energy production and storage, cause of climate change to energy technology, climate change, and the impact of energy and climate policies on the social economy. It also encourages communication and dialogue among scientists, engineers, economists, and policymakers working in the related fields.

Under the organization of chief editors, Professor Wei Yiming and Professor Leon Clarke, 27 scholars with high international academic reputation and influence from 18 countries jointly formed a journal editorial board with perfect structure and reasonable structure. The journal is now collecting high-quality research results in the cross-field of energy and climate change.

Appendix: contents of this issue


Identifying real energy system solutions to respond to the challenge of climate change

Leon Clarke, Yi-Ming Wei

Research articles

Humanizing heat as a service: Cost, creature comforts and the diversity of smart heating practices in the United Kingdom

Benjamin K. Sovacool, Jody Osborn, Mari Martiskainen, Amal Anaam, Matthew Lipson

Optimum placement of biomass DG considering hourly load demand

Bikash Das, V. Mukherjee, Debapriya Das

Numerical simulation of building wall incorporating phase change material for cooling load reduction

K. Kant, A. Shukla, Atul Sharma

Public participation in decision making, perceived procedural fairness and public acceptability of renewable energy projects

Lu Liu, Thijs Bouman, Goda Perlaviciute, Linda Steg

The tradeoffs between GHGs emissions, income inequality and productivity

Santosh Kumar Sahu, Unmesh Patnaik

Green with savvy? Brazil's climate pledge to the Paris Agreement and its transition to the green economy

Valny Giacomelli Sobrinho, Viktor Lagutov, Sándor Baran

Comparative exergy analysis between rotary hearth furnace-electric arc furnace and blast furnace-basic oxygen furnace steelmaking routes

Binay Kumar, Gour Gopal Roy, Prodip Kumar Sen

Renewable energy scenarios for sustainable electricity supply in Nigeria

Ishaya T. Tambari, Michael O. Dioha, Pierre Failler

Duopolistic optimization of alternative vehicle fueling stations (Special Issue Paper)

Marcel Minutolo, Tony Kerzmann, Gavin Buxton

Carbon dioxide and methane sorption characteristics of Damodar Valley and Upper Assam shale, India (Special Issue Paper)

Tuli Bakshi, Vikram Vishal, B.K. Prusty, K. Pathak

CO2 capture and sequestration - A solution for enhanced recoveries of unconventional gasses and liquids (Special Issue Paper)

Rimzhim Gupta, Sebastian C. Peter

Evaluation of hydrocarbon potential with insight into climate and environment present during deposition of the Sonari lignite, Barmer Basin Rajasthan

Alok Kumar, Alok K. Singh, Debajyoti Paul, Abhishek Kumar

Formulation of a rice husk based non-damaging drilling fluid and its effect in shale formations (Special Issue Paper)

Deepjyoti Mech, Borkha Mech Das, Akshay Sunil, Minhaj Areekkan, Syed Imaad

Recovery of viscous and heavy oil by CO2-saturated brine (Special Issue Paper)

Nader Mosavat, Samia Al-Riyami, Peyman Pourafshary, Yahya Al-Wahaibi, Svetlana Rudyk

Investment and production dynamics of conventional oil and unconventional tight oil: Implications for oil markets and climate strategies (Special Issue Paper)

Henrik Wachtmeister, Mikael Höök

Hierarchical clustering of Pristane and Phytane data to identify the sweet spots in the shale reservoirs (Special Issue Paper)

Ajit K. Sahoo, Sudipta Basu, Vikram Vishal, Mukul Srivastava

A comparison of different carbon taxes on utilization of natural gas (Special Issue Paper)

Kelly A. Stevens, Deborah A. Carroll

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