The Economics of Climate Change Symposium was held in Beijing

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   June 5-6, 2021, co-sponsored by the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research of Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Key Laboratory of Energy Economics and Environmental Management, and the Bartlett Institute of Sustainable Construction, University of London, United Kingdom, “2021 The Economics of Climate Change Symposium” was held smoothly. The symposium was conducted in a combination of online and offline methods. Nearly a hundred experts, scholars and graduate students from domestic and foreign universities and research institutes attended the meeting. Professor Wei Yiming, Vice President of Beijing Institute of Technology and Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, and Professor D’ Maris Coffman, Dean of the Bartlett Institute of Sustainable Construction, University of London, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Tang Baojun, Deputy Dean of the School of Management and Economics, Deputy Director of the Center, and Young Changjiang scholar. The deputy director of the center, National outstanding youth, Professor Liao Hua delivered a speech at the closing ceremony.

   Professor D' Maris Coffman, Dean of the Bartlett Institute of Sustainable Construction, University of London, Deputy Director of the Center, Young Excellent Scientist, Professor Qushen, Vice President of the University of Surrey, President of the British Chinese Economics Association, Professor Xiong Yu, and the Researcher of the School of Modern Agriculture of Peking University, the Young Excellent Scientist, Professor Xiewei respectively made presentations on topics such as "Low Carbon Transition and COVID-19", "Agent-based Network Dynamic CO2 Emission Modeling", "China-UK Sustainable Energy and Technology Cooperation", "Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change" and other topics speech. Associate Professor Mi Zhifu from University College London and Professor Yu Biying, Young Excellent Scientist, hosted the meeting respectively.

   Deputy Director of the Center, National outstanding youth Professor Liao Hua, young excellent scientist, Professor Zhou Kaile of Hefei University of Technology, Professor Zhao Lutao of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Professor Wang Xiaoling, Associate Editor of "Climate Change Research Progress", Associate Professor Liu Wenling of the Center, Assistant Professor Chen Hao of Renmin University of China, Associate Professor Wang Bing of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) and Dr. Wang Ce, Assistant Professor of Nanjing Audit University, respectively delivered speeches on topics such as "Information Asymmetry and Regulatory Mechanism Issues in the Construction and Operation of Carbon Market", "Energy Blockchain and Electricity Trading", "Emission Peak and China’s Coal Industry", "Journal Introduction to Climate Change Research Progress", "Health Protection Behavior of Environmental Pollution", "Reduce the Marginal Cost of Outage Time", "Coal Production, Consumption and Carbon Emissions", "Relative Equitable Plans to Reduce Emissions”. Assistant Director of the Center, assistant Professor Shen Meng, and associate Professor Chen Weiming of the Center respectively presided over the meeting.

   The meeting was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China International Cooperation and Exchange Project (72081230013).