A Series of Research Reports on “2021 Energy Economic Forecast and Outlook” receives widespread media attention

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On January 10, 2021, the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research of Beijing Institute of Technology held the 2021 annual press conference of research report on energy economy forecast and outlook in Beijing, and released "China’s Fourteenth Five-year Energy Demand Forecast and Outlook". Eight research reports are included in this outlook which are "Energy economy index research based on industry perspective", "Global climate protection assessment report", "Global Climate Governance Strategy and China's carbon emissions". "Prospect of China's new energy vehicle industry in 2020", "Low carbon development of hydrogen production from coal in the context of carbon neutralization", "Analysis and trend forecast of international crude oil price in 2021", and "China's provincial energy efficiency index (2010-2018)"

This press conference has received extensive attention from enterprises, academia, and mainstream media, including CCTV, People’s Daily Online, People’s Daily Overseas Network, Xinhua News Agency’s National Weekly of Finance and Economics, China National Radio Economics, China Economic Times, and China News Service. Media, China Daily Net Finance, China Science and Technology News Net, China Science News, China Energy Net, China Chemical Industry News, China Electric Power News Net, China Metallurgical News, New Energy Economic and Trade Observation Magazine, Economic Information News, Securities Daily, Nikon, China Energy News, Qianlong News, China News, Dazhong News, Sohu News, Tencent News, NetEase Finance Mobile Terminal, New Energy Vehicle Network, China Power Network, Wall Street Finance Network, China Energy Conservation Industry Network, Solar Electric Vehicle Network More than 30 mainstream media, including the People’s Political Consultative Conference, China Shandong Net, China Net IOT, etc. reported on this conference. The "Energy Economic Forecast and Outlook" series of reports are formed on the basis of long-term in-depth research by the energy and environmental policy research team led by Professor Wei Yiming. Since 2011, they have been released to all sectors of society every year in early January.

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