Dean Professor Yi-Ming Wei: the “internet +” will shorten the period of energy adaption

Author:Xiaoying Hu    Source:ceep    Date:2016-04-23 Views:


  The guiding opinions on promoting the “Internet +” intellectual energy development have put forward the intellectual development strategy on energy supply and demand sides, emphasizing that the traditional energy production, transmission, storage, consumption and energy market should be deeply combined with the internet to gradually form a new form of energy industry development and a new environment of residents’ life.

  Although the internet has been integrated with traditional energy industry, there is no clear guiding ideology of applying internet mind to traditional energy to improve efficiency, save energy and achieve intelligent energy production and consumption. Now China is at a critical stage of energy transmission, we not only have domestic environment pollution but also self-reduction commitments to the world. The coal is still the main fuel in energy consumption structure in China. The "Internet +" intelligent energy propulsion has brought new development opportunities to traditional energy and renewable energy.

  According to the “internet +” intelligent energy plan, applying the internet thoughts to traditional energy industry can realize the interconnection between energy consumers, managers, providers and energy service firms, so the business model, research and development model, operating model and etc. related to energy will all be refactored. At the same time, the construction of the comprehensive energy network will be able to speed up.

  The promotion of energy internet construction is necessary, which faces opportunities as well as challenges. Firstly, there is a shortage of basic technologies of “internet +” intelligent energy. Secondly, the construction of energy internet has high cost and long cycle, which is a huge and complex system related to energy collection, transmission, communication process, and it needs a lot of capital, technology and equipment protection. According to challenges, the current dominant market giants may hinder the energy internet development if their interests are damaged.

  In terms of energy internet standards construction, developed countries started earlier, but it just starts in our country. Only trying to form a leading standards system, can we strive for initiative in the future internet energy cooperation and competition. As for customers’ behaviors, the new plan guide us to accelerate energy consumption intelligent and cultivate new model in using energy in customers side. What’s more, with the coming of new stage of new energy development, the traditional energy structure will be adversely affected. The “internet +” will also further expand the spatial difference in energy structure.

  There’s no denying that the development of “internet +” intelligent energy is not only the innovation of energy technologies, but also the fundamental revolution in the way we live. Not only does it change our energy consumption patterns, it will also provide an effective platform for integrated world energy system and provide new opportunities for economic development and international cooperation. Therefore, we must develop forward-looking, comprehensive, systematic and equitable development strategies in order to ultimately bring a new look for the energy industry and to bring a new atmosphere for the residents.