【Electricity Express】history of China's electricity regulator

Author:YE MA    Source:ceep    Date:2016-01-04 Views:

【Editor's note】:
  Under New Normal and new circumstances, in order to meet the challenge of socioeconomic development as well as energy development strategy, Chinese electricity regulator has experienced several times of split and restructuring. Currently, the managing system is leading by the national development and Reform Committee and supervised by National Energy Administration.


  In October 1949, The People's Republic of China ministry of water resources was established, consisted of electricity regulator.

  In July 1955, Electric power industry ministry of the People's Republic of China was established.

  During 1958 and 1993, the Ministry of electric power industry had been reformed and established for 2 times.

  In March 1998, the duty of manage electric company transferred to newly established company named the State Power Corporation.

  In March 2003, the state electricity regulatory commission was established.

  In March 2008, the National Energy Administration was established.

  In September 2011, State grid and southern grid power companies were set up.

  In March 2013, the National Energy Administration was reformed and managed by the national development and Reform Committee. The State Electricity Regulatory Commission was disincorporated.