【New energy vehicle frontier】Frontier of EVs Industry: President Xi Jinping's visit to the UK---- Opportunity and Challenge of Chinese EVs Industry

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  Recently, Chinese policy makers think highly about Chinese EVs industry. With package plans of promoting EVs, the industry is under a rapid path of international development.

  Intense promotion by the government has brought more and more new energy vehicles onto China's roads, saving energy and combating pollution. Measures including tax exemptions, subsidies and requirements for government bodies to buy green cars are in place. China will focus on improving infrastructure and technology to promote sales of alternative-energy vehicles in its 13th Five-Year Plan ending 2020. Priorities include building more charging stations and improving battery efficiency, they said.

  The London Taxi Company unveiled the new design for its next generation zero-emission-capable black cab in London on the end of October. A prototype of the new TX5 was displayed at "Creative Collaborations: UK & China", a creative industry event held at Lancaster House in central London. President Xi, his wife Peng Liyuan, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge all attended the TX5's unveiling at the event which showcases cultural collaboration between China and the United Kingdom. While maintaining recognizable key features, the new zero-emission-capable TX5 has been updated to reflect the needs of today's passengers and the move towards a low-carbon economy.