Prof. Zhaohua Wang

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Dr.Zhaohua Wang is a full professor of School of Management and Economics, BIT, and was supported by the New Century Excellent Talents in University by Ministry of Education, China. He has carried out over 20 research projects including those granted by NSFC, National Philosophy and Social Science Fund of China, and Henry Fok Ying Tung by Ministry of Education, China, etc. Up to now, he has published 2 books and over 100 journal papers, which were cited more than 1000 times.

Work experience

Since July 2008 School of Management and Economics in Beijing Institute of Technology, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor;
April 2008-July 2008 School of Management and Economics in Beijing Institute of Technology, Associate Professor and Doctoral Supervisor;
June 2005-April 2008 School of Management and Economics in Beijing Institute of Technology, Associate Professor and Master tutor;
August 2003-June 2005 Business Administration Roving Station in Tsinghua SEM Postdoctoral.

Research Fields

Resource and Environmental Management, Technological Innovation

Representative Papers

[1] Zhaohua Wang*, Bin Zhang, Jianhua Yin, Xiang Zhang. Willingness and behavior towards e-waste recycling for residents in Beijing city, China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 192011),pp977-984. (SCISearch)
[2] Zhaohua Wang*, Bin Zhang,Jianhua Yin, Yixiang Zhang. Determinants of public acceptance of tiered electricity price reform in China: Evidence from four urban cities, Energy Policy, Accepted. (SCISearch)
[3] Zhaohua Wang*, Bin Zhang, Jianhua Yin,Yiming Wei. Climate Change Adaptation: Strategic Choice and Policy Implication of the Energy-Intensive Industry in China. Nature Hazards, Accepted. (SCISearch)
[4] Zhaohua Wang*, Chen Ye, Rongqiu Chen, Zhaohua Wang, Multi-focused strategy in value co-creation with customers: Examining cumulative development pattern with new capabilities, International Journal of Production Economics, 1322011, pp122-130. (SCISearch)
[5] Zhaohua Wang*, Zhang Bin,Lu Guilong, Research on Industrial Symbiosis Patterns in Eco-Industrial Park Based on Industrial Ecology, 2010 International Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling (ICCASM 2010) Oct.22-24, Taiyuan. [EISearch]
[6] Zhaohua Wang*, YIN J.H., Operational Patterns of Industrial Symbiosis Network in Industrial Cluster District Based on Circular Economy Theory, Journal of System Science and Information, 2008,Vol.6(1), 45-53.
[7] Zhaohua Wang*, A Reverse Logistics Optimization Model for Hazardous Waste in the Perspective of Fuzzy Multi-Objective Programming Theory, Proceedings of 2008 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2008), June 2-3, 2008, Hongkong. [EISearch]
[8] Zhaohua Wang*, YIN J.H., A Fuzzy Modeling and Solution Algorithm for Optimization on E-Waste Reverse Logistics, Proceedings of 2008 Internaitonal Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, July 12-15, 2008, Kunming, China. [EISearch]
[9] Zhaohua Wang*, Industry Ecosystem Development at the Firm Level: a Case Study of Nanning Sugar Group in China, Proceedings of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, October, 12-14, 2008, Dalian, China.EISearch
[10] Zhaohua Wang*JianHua YinInfluencing factors and Characteristic Analysis of China Appliance Enterprise's Recycling Behavior on E.waste, Management World, No.4 in 2008
[11] Zhaohua Wang*, Research On the Development Pathway of Industrial Park Based on Circular Economy Theory, SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT RESEARCH, No.5 in 2007.
[12] Zhaohua Wang* JianHua YinIndustry Ecological and Circular Economy Theory:A ReviewSCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT RESEARCH, No.1 in 2007, 25-29.
[13] Zhaohua Wang*Research on“Zhong Guancun Index”Evaluating System and Its Revelation for High-Tech Industrial Parks' Development in Our CountryScienology and Scientific Technology Management, No.2 in 2007114-119.
[14] Zhaohua Wang*Research on Operation Pattern of Industrial Symbiosis Network in Eco-Industry ParkChina's soft science, No.2 in 2005.

Representative works

[1] Zhaohua Wang*, , Science Press, Feb.2010. (By the state science and technology academic publications funded)
[2] Zhaohua Wang*Cyclic EconomyRegional Industrial Symbiosis Network,Economic Science PressMar.2007.

Presided over the subjects in recent years

[1] NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China)(70773008),On E-waste Recovery Network Construction Model and Management Based on Extended Producer Responsibility, Jan 2008-Dec.2010
[2] NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China)(70403008),for the recycling of old industrial bases of regional ecological industry chain planningmodel and management research2005.1-2007.12.Concluding identified as "excellence"
[3] National Philosophy Social Science Fund(08CJY023),design and implementation of extended producer responsibility mechanisms to promote the development of circular economy Countermeasures2008.6-2010.6.Concluding identified as "excellence"
[4] The Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talent Support Plan(NCET-10-0048)based on extended producer responsibility reverse logistics mode of operation and management of research2010.1-2012.12
[5] Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation 12th period Colleges and Universities Young Teachers Fund(121079)Research Based on Circular Economy of Green Logistics ManagementMay.2010-May.2013
[6] Beijing Philosophy Social Science Fund(06BaJG038),Research on Development of Circular Economy StrategyPath and Implement Solution of Beijing, Oct.2006.10-Dec.2008