A.Prof. Xin Lv

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   Lv Xin, born in October 1983, received Ph. D. in finance from Nagoya University, Japan. He works as an associate professor, master supervisor, School of management and economics, Beijing Institute of Technology. He also serves as the director of research and academic exchange management center. His main research areas include energy finance and asset pricing. Dr. Lv leads one Youth Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one Beijing Social Science Research Base Foundation Project, and participate in the National Science and Technology Major Project, the Innovative Research Groups of National Natural Science Foundation of China. In recent 5 years, he has published over 10 papers in the International Review of Economics and Finance, Emerging Market Finance and Trade, and other SCI, SSCI indexed academic journals. He concurrently serves as anonymous referees for Emerging Market Finance and Trade (SSCI), Applied Energy and some other academic journals. 


Address:5 South Zhongguancun Street


2002.09-2006.06  Central University of Finance and Economics, B.A.
2006.09-2009.06  Central University of Finance and Economics, M.A.
2009.10-2013.03  Nagoya University, PhD.

Acadamic Positions

2013.04-2014.02  Nagoya University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow.
2014.03---  Lecturer, School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology


2010--  Member of Japanese Research Association for Chinese Economy
2012--  Referee of Emerging Market Finance and Trade (SSCI)


[1] Lv Xin (2012), Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks on Stock Markets: an Empirical Test for China[J], Journal of Chinese Economic Studies, Vol.(9), 1-22
[2] Lv Xin, Dong Weijia, Wu Jingyi (2013), Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: Evidence from 5 Asian Countries [J], Economic Science, Vol.(9), 1-13
[3]  Lv Xin, Dong Weijia, Fang fang, The Asymmetric Effects of Official Interest Rate Changes on China's Stock Market during Different Market Regimes[J], Emerging Markets Finance and Trade (SSCI), forthcoming
[4] Yue Haifneg, Dong Weijia and Lv Xin (2013), Asymmetric Impact of RRR Adjustment on China’s Stock Market [J], Journal of Central University of Finance & Economics, Vol.01, 30-35

Personal and Acadamic Awards

2009-2013 Nation-Building High Level Project Graduate Students Full Scholarship

Acadamic Conferences

[1] 2010 The 9th International Conference of the Japan Economic Policy Association, Japan, Topic: Foreign Securities Companies’ Entry Strategy in China
[2] 2011 The 10th International Conference of the Japan Economic Policy Association, Japan, Topic: China’s Stock Market’s Asymmetric Reactions to Short-term Interest Rate
[3] 2011 The 2011 Northeast Asia Management and Economics Joint Conference, Korea, Topic: The Relationship Between Variety of Energy Resources and Economic Growth:Evidence from Asian Countries
[4] 2012, JSPS Asian CORE Program, Nagoya University and VNU University of Economics and Business Vietnam, Topic: Analysis of China’s Development Mechanism