The comprehensive performance evaluation meeting of the national key research and development plan project was successfully held

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On March 28, 2021, the comprehensive performance evaluation meeting of the national key R & D program global change and response key special project "Research on Comprehensive Assessment Model of Economic Impact of Climate Change (2016YFA0602600)" was held in Beijing. The meeting was organized by the project lead unit, Beijing Institute of Technology, hosted by the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research of Beijing Institute of Technology. Leaders of the high-tech center of the Ministry of science and technology, members of the project expert group, leaders of the Scientific Research Institute of the University, and project leaders and main researchers from the National Information Center, National Climate Center, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. participated in the exchange meeting. The comprehensive performance evaluation expert group consists of Beijing Normal University, the University of Toronto, Zhejiang University, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Beijing Office of Weather Modification, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, A number of authoritative experts from East China University of Science and Technology and other units conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of each topic.

At the project comprehensive performance evaluation meeting, the leaders of the project management department first introduced the changes in the project performance evaluation after the reform of science and technology plan management, and the leaders of the school’s scientific research institute explained the specific requirements of the project’s comprehensive performance evaluation. Subsequently, the project leader, Professor Wei Yiming, introduced the overall situation of the project. The project is committed to building a climate change comprehensive assessment model with independent intellectual property rights to provide support for my country's participation in global climate governance. Based on this, he designed an improvement of the climate change comprehensive assessment economic model. And the development and service of the Earth System Model for the Comprehensive Assessment of Climate Change, the Research on the Integrated Climate Change Assessment Integrated Model (C3IAM) and the assessment of the comprehensive impact of climate change based on the C3IAM model.

On the basis of comprehensively listening to the reports of the person in charge of each subject and reviewing the relevant materials of the subject, the expert team conducted inquiries on the completion of the goals and assessment indicators, the level of achievement and innovation, talent training and organizational management of the four subjects, and made inquiries. A comprehensive evaluation. The expert group highly affirmed the research results and contributions of each topic of the project. The comprehensive performance evaluation work of the national key research and development plan, global change and response key special project "Research on Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Economic Impact of Climate Change" project, was successfully completed.