Prof. Zi-Li Yang

Author:ceep    Source:ceep    Date:2014-07-17

    Ph.D. in Economics, Yale University, May 1993; 
            Dissertation: “Essays on the International Aspects of Resource and 
            Environmental Economics” 
            Dissertation Committee: W. D. Nordhaus, T. N. Srinivasan 
    M.A. and M. Phil. in Economics, Yale University, May 1989; 
    M.S. in Management Science, Tianjin University, China, February 1985; 
    B.S. in Mathematics, the University of Science &Technology of China, June 1982.

Research Interests: 
     Resource and Environmental Economics, 
     Energy Economics, 
     Economic Modeling, 
     Applied Game Theories, 
     Public Economics, 
     Chinese Economy.