Prof. Jerry Yan gave talks at CEEP

Author:Hongkun Cui    Source:ceep    Date:2019-02-26


  On February 25, 2019, at 15:00, Professor Jerry Yan, a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, was invited to give an academic report entitled "Challenges and Opportunities with Renewable Energy Penetration".  This report was hosted by Prof. Biying Yu, many teachers and students attended the report.

  Prof. Jerry Yan is a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Dean of the International Institute for Applied Energy Innovation. In 2001, he was employed as a tenured professor in Sweden. Mainly engaged in renewable energy technology and low-carbon technology, energy system integration and optimization, carbon capture and utilization and storage and carbon trade, advanced power generation technology and energy storage, energy efficient use and other aspects of research. The Global SWIF Award, which is supported by the United Nations Environmental Development Summer, was awarded the Finalist Award (Finalist). He has published more than 400 papers in top international journals such as Science and Nature Climate Change.
  In this report, Prof. Yan was focus on Energy systems. One of challenging issues is the intermittent power generation and mismatching of energy supply and demand over a time scale when high renewable energy penetration takes place. This calls for interdisciplinary and synthetic approach from not only the systematic overview, but also detailed components of clean energy systems.  It needs to integrate the end-users load control with different energy saving approaches. It is location specific and highly tailored to serve its customers’ needs. Changing from resource conversion into the smart integration also needs integration of energy with digitalization.  Renewables, distributed generation, and smart grids demand new capabilities and are triggering new business opportunities, which is further stimulating the future development of the energy systems. After the report, Prof. Yan took the picture with teachers and students at CEEP together.