Adam John Fraser gave talks at CEEP

Author:Changjing Ji    Source:ceep    Date:2018-10-23

  At 3:30 pm on October 22, 2018,  Adam John Fraser, who is the Senior Publisher at Elsevier, was invited to visit CEEP and do an report entitled “The value and benefits of contributing to the peer review process at academic journals ”. This report was hosted by Prof. Ke Wang, many teachers and students attended the report.

  Adam Fraser is the Senior Publisher for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Journals at Elsevier, publishing journals such as Solar Energy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Bioresource Technology and more. Adam has experience of journals publishing across the physical and life sciences, has been at Elsevier for over four years, and before that worked for Wiley in Oxford. Adam is based in London.
  In today’s report, Adam explained how the peer review system works, and how to write a good review. He also introduced how researchers can benefit from their work on peer review, how the peer review process leads and influences the field of research and beyond. Additionally, he discussed how being known for strong contributions to peer review can improve the reputation of a researcher and their institution across the world. After the report, Adam patiently answered the questions raised by the teachers and students.