Forecasting & Prospects Research Reports on Energy Economy 2018 has received extensive attention

Author:Fangzhi Wang    Source:ceep    Date:2018-02-21

  On January 13th 2018, launch of Forecasting & Prospects Research Reports on Energy Economy 2018 was hosted in Beijing by CEEP of BIT, consisting of Forecasting and Prospects of Energy Economy in the New Era, International Crude Oil Price Analysis and Forecasting in 2018, Forecasting and Prospects of Petrochemical Industry in 2018, New Energy Vehicle New Era and New Expedition: 2017 Review and Future Prospects, Power Battery Recovery and Disposal for Electric Vehicles in China: Current Situation, Trend and Countermeasures, Review and Prospect of China’s Carbon Trading Market.
This launch has received extensive attention from enterprises, scholars and mainstream media. To be exact, this launch was reported by traditional media of Xinhua News Agency, Economic Information Daily, China Science News, China Business Times, China Petroleum Daily, China Petrochemical News, China Metallurgical News and China Energy News, and network media of, CCTV News, ourcecn,, Cleantech China, Caijing, Sohu Finance and Sina Finance. These reports fall into the results of continuous research of CEEP led by Professor Wei Yiming and have been given out publicly in January each year since 2011.


  BTV gave a news reports about this launch. Youku and iQIYI broadcasted this launch on the Internet, viewed by thousands of times. In addition, PetroChian, Sinopec and other energy enterprises attached great concerns to these reports, and, and other relevant websites all reported the launch. Moreover, this launch also aroused a heated discussion on and other academic websites. Toutiao, Eknower and other WeChat official accounts all give a detailed report about this launch, launching heated discussions.



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