Welcome to attend the Launch of Forecasting & Prospect Research Report on Energy Economy (2018)

Author:Fangzhi Wang    Source:CEEP    Date:2018-01-07

  CEEP of BIT will host the Launch of Forecasting & Prospect Research Report on Energy Economy (2018) in Grand Building of Beijing Friendship Hotel at 2:00pm on January 13, 2018.
  As pointed out in reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China by General Secretary Xi, society’s principal contradiction has shifted. How will energy economics evolve in the new era under this circumstance? How to cope with challenges of imbalance and inadequacy?
  In 2017, global economy is climbing steadily, with manufacturing and trade recovering, and good international financing conditions. Given this, what is the prospect of international crude oil market in 2018? How will crude oil prices fluctuate?
  Benefited from the continuously rebounding crude oil prices in 2017, overall performance of petrochemical industry is satisfactory. Some oil-field service companies, restrained by reducing capital expenditure of upstream industry, still suffer from great losses. Considering the volatile international oil prices, how will petrochemical industry develop in 2018?
  Plagued by global warming, severe air pollution and energy crisis, each nation has compiled corresponding incentive policies in an effort to actively facilitate new energy automobiles. Considering this, what is the current situation of new energy automobiles? What will be potential challenges in the future?
  As new energy automobile industry is accelerating, recycling and proposal of power batteries are capturing increasing attention. What is current situation of recycling and disposal of power batteries in electric automobiles in China? What will be potential challenges in the future?
  2017 has witnessed the establishment of the unified national carbon trading market in China. What are the effects of pilot project in 2 provinces and 5 cities? What effect will the establishment of national carbon trading system exert on China’s carbon market?

  To address the above-mentioned questions, CEEP will release the research report in the launched based on long-term academic work, and invite experts to make comments from Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission of China, Institute of Industrial Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute, Energy Foundation, etc. Since 2011, CEEP has successively released annual Forecasting & Prospect Research Report on Energy Economy for seven years, which has aroused considerable attention and exerted important social influenced.

  CEEP was a university-affiliated research institute established in 2009. Motivated by urgent needs to cope with national energy and climate change issues, CEEP has been implementing researched on key issues regarding energy and environmental strategies, whose results are widespread influential home and abroad. The submitted reports have been stressed by national leaders several times.

  We warmly welcome experts, scholars, students and corporate personnel to attend the launch of Forecasting & Prospect Research Report on Energy Economy (2018).Please send the return receipt (See attachment) to yuanqq@bit.edu.cn before January 11, 2018 if you decide to attend.




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Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research, BIT
January 4, 2018


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