Dr. Lan Song and Deirdre Dunne gave talks in CEEP

Author:Qingyu Zhao    Source:ceep    Date:2017-09-02

  on August 31st, two publishers of the journal Elsevier Dr. Lan Song and Deirdre Dunne were invited to gave talks entitled "The cycle of scientific publishing" and "Analytic perspective: the trends in environmental Research ". Many teachers and students attended the report.

  Dr. Song worked as the Managing Editor for several environmental Science and Health journals.Currently,she is the publisher for twelve international scientific journals in environmental science and technology. Her main responsibility is to closely monitor the journal performance, identify potential editorial candidates, and proactively communicate with researchers to address the needs as authors, reviewers and readers.
  In this report, Dr. Song briefly introduced the cycle of scientific publishing, and then talked about how to plan an article and how to choose the appropriate submission journals from the perspective of different types of articles.Besides,she gave her advice on article structure and language,which make students benefit a lot when writing scientific articles. Finally, she stressed the importance of the media, through a variety of website platforms, the author is not just to promote their own findings but also have more communication with peers, reviewers and readers.


D  eirdre graduated from the University of Limerick with a degree in European Studies. She has been working with Elsevier since 2002 in various Publishing roles within Life, Social and Physical Sciences. Currently she is the Senior Publisher responsible for the Environmental  Science and Health flagship journals including Science of the Total Environment, Environment International, Chemosphere, Environmental Pollution, and Environmental Research. She gave us a speech about the trends in Environmental Research with analytic perspective.By giving specific statistics and diagrams,Deirdre introduced the research hotpots in environmental science,which provides teachers and students with a more profound understanding of research in this field.

  After the lecture, teachers and students in CEEP took a photo with Dr. Song and Deirdre Dunne.