Dean Prof. Hua Liao:under the new normal,China's fast-growing energy demand has been significantly decreased

Author:YE MA    Source:ceep    Date:2015-02-03

  Press of Forecasting and Prospects Research Report (2015) was held successfully on 10th of Jan 2015 in Beijing. The report The Outlook of Chinese energy economy under "new normal" by the team of Prof. Hua Liaois released by the Center for Energy and Environment Policy Research, BIT.

  Under "the new normal" of economy and international environment, China's energy development is faced with a number of new opportunities:
——China's fast-growing energy demand has been significantly decreased.The possibility increases to achieving the goal of 4.8 billion tons of total energy control in 2020.
——Falling oil prices provide favorable conditions for promoting the reform of energy pricing mechanisms
——Large domestic market capacity is conducive to development and promotionof advanced energy technology.

  At the same time, China's energy development faces a number of challenges and uncertainties:
——It is difficult to give a definite answerwhether or not the growthquality of Chinesewould significantly improve.
——It hasn't seen very clear thinking and system solutionsto market mechanism's role in energy conservation and emissions reduction while there is an idea of dissection  of volume and intensity control to target areas and every level.