Dean Prof. Yi-Ming Wei: problems and solutions of “energy poverty”

Author:ceep    Source:Dong Fang Daily     Date:2014-11-14

Energy poverty is that some people cannot be equally access energy and use it in a safe way, in particular, use it in a sufficient, affordable, high quality and environmentally-friendly way. In response to the challenges that long posed by energy poverty, a myriad of international organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, are in the process of legislating policies and plans. Energy consumption, energy structure and energy capacity are the three key indicators of energy poverty measurements. China, as the largest developing country, is being challenged with more complicated and severer energy poverty problems.

Energy poverty might restrain economic development, harm human health and hinder well-being improvement. Currently, China is in the transition at a fairly fast pace in which energy poverty characteristics embodied in both the developing and the developed countries are attacking. As a result, policymakers should attach great importance th energy poverty and try to eliminate it.