Dean Prof. Yi-Ming Wei: Carbon market needs financial support

Author:ceep    Source:China City News     Date:2014-11-14

According to the relevant data shows that since last year, after the Shenzhen Stock Exchange market opened on June 18, by far, China has become the world's second-largest after the EU carbon market. The total quotas of Chinese 7 pilot cites brought into ETS is about 1.2 billion tons and the carbon emission of the country is nearly 12 billion tons, the size of entire market is estimated at 300 billion to 400 billion RMB. At this point, China city reporter interviewed professor Yi-Ming Wei about these questions of heat. The following are views of him:

——At present, China is still in the early stage of the carbon market, for the lacking of relative experience and knowledge of the international cooperation rules, there is still a long way to go if we want to have discourse power in the global carbon trading market.
——Carbon emission right still cannot being widely used as an asset in consideration of higher market and policies risk.
——The pilot project has gone through well during the past one year.

In the early stage of carbon-trading, free quotas will encourage companies to participate in the carbon trading.
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