Dean Prof. Yi-ming Wei: Market Mechanism to Climate Change—An Inspiration of EU Emissions Trading Scheme to China

Author:ceep    Source:    Date:2014-07-17

(Science Times 2009-8-20)

Making a response to climate change requires the entire industry chain of innovation. Carbon emissions trading is a necessary condition to achieve this goal. And EUETS only  establishs a common credit system of emissions trading in Europe. But only relying on the carbon market is far from to respond the climate change.
China’s 30 years of reform proves that the macro-control can effectively resolve the market blindness,by using the "visible hand" to influence the "invisible hand". In responding to climate change, the Government will play a decisive role in policy-making. 

Carbon trading market is currently the only practice of the environmental services market. Through the carbon trading market, low-cost carbon abatement can be achieved within regional or global coverage. At the same time, from an economic point of view, it can bring the market to maximize revenue for seller side. 
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