Dean Prof. Yi-ming Wei, interview of China Petroleum Press

Author:ceep    Source:科学时报    Date:2014-07-17

(The China Petroleum Press 2009-1-12)

As one of the most important resources,oil usage is related with the national economic growth and national energy security. It isn’t only a physical concept, but it represents capital, labor, technology, etc. Today, it is an important factor for the economic growth all over the world.

China’s oil imports increase year after year. The foreign dependency rate has rised from 6.6% in 1995 to the current level at 50%. High external dependence, as well as the vagaries of the international situation has greatly increased the risk of China’s oil imports, thereby affecting our country’s energy security and national security.

How to evaluate and analyze the international financial crisis on China’s petroleum industry, what our country should take to reduce the risk of oil imports, and how to ensure national energy security. Those all are very important to our country’s development. The China Petroleum Press carried out an interview with Prof.Yi-ming Wei, a famous scholar from Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center, Beijing Institute of Technology. Prof.Yi-ming Wei also is the dean of School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology. 

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